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Article by Tom Potts – Medicare Scam WARNING!!! What you need to know

Article by Tom Potts – Medicare Scam WARNING!!! What you need to know

Owner of BluegrassMedicare

The last two years have brought about
a lifetime of change. One can debate
whether the change is for the best, but
one disturbing change involves seniors –
– and it is not good.
Boiler room insurance companies have
realized that most seniors had sequestered themselves in their homes, making them easy prey for
telemarketers and unscrupulous advertisements. “Like fishing in
a bathtub”, they say.
Picture hundreds of agents lined up row by row and column by
column. Each morning they are given a list of names and much
of your personal confidential information about you and hundreds
of other seniors. These names are real people, assumed to be
gullible, and in some cases are desperate for help with their medical expense needs.
Their job is to make hundreds of calls all over the country, in
hopes that one person will answer the phone. These sales agents
have strict quotas to meet.
Many begin the conversation with something like this: “This is
Joe with Medicare. We have noticed that you are not getting all
the benefits you are entitled to. If you have a few minutes, we can
get you everything you deserve. How does that sound? Great I
just need for you to verify some information and we can help you
get all your benefits.”
The next thing you know you have disenrolled in your existing
plan and enrolled in a completely new plan. This can be much
more serious than you think.
Mary C. – Real life case study.
Mary C. has Medicare with Part C, and she has some expensive
drugs and health issues. After about eight Medicare solicitation
calls that day, she caved and answered the phone. Big mistake.
The phone solicitor agent signed her up for a completely new plan
with all kinds of great “free” benefits for “Special Needs Beneficiaries”, way more benefits than she was currently getting.
When you sign up for a new Part C plan, you are setting in motion a series of events that you cannot control. First you are automatically disenrolling in your old plan and the corresponding Part
D drug plan. You are also firing your existing agent, and now
have a new agent from California, New Jersey, or the Philippines.
Ask yourself a few questions before you give a total stranger your
life savings:
Is your new agent really an expert at all the plans in your area?
• Are they easy to find when you need them?
• Do they have your interests at heart? More importantly, are
they even licensed agents or just someone that wants your personal information?
In Mary’s case she did not qualify for her new plan, so the company immediately disenrolled her from her new plan and its corresponding drug plan. Because she did not qualify for a special
enrollment period, she now has to go without both her medical
and drug plan until January of 2023!
Her troubles did not end there. Medicare requires you have a
part D plan, so when she enrolls in a new plan for next year, she
will have a penalty added to her monthly premium – for the rest
of her life.
I am writing this out of frustration, as I have had three appointments with similar outcomes today.
Neither Medicare nor our government is doing anything to protect
seniors, so you must protect yourself. Please, just don’t answer
the phone or call 1-800-Joe Namath.
A local agent is nearby, and they do have your interests at

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